Well, I did it!  After two years of saying I was going to make a website, I did it.  Thanks go out to my husband, Dan, who supported me all the way by telling me that I have the ability to do this and assuring me that the world needs postcards.

If you'd like to to know why I thought I needed to do this, check out my How It Started Page.  I'm a traditionalist, nature lover (thanks to my parents) and history buff.  The need to keep some traditions alive is important to me.

Email may be easy, but receiving a postcard, note card or letter in the mail is much more personal and it's a good feeling to know that someone took time from their busy schedule to think of me.  

Charlotte Elizabeth Schleif 2.jpg

What's really kind of cool is that my Grandma whom I was named after and who passed away 2 months before I was born, played a part in this.  This is her picture.





I'd also like to thank Lisa, who has supported me with the art shows I've done.  She's given me many ideas. (Yes you have)  Check out her soaps and other products at cloudninesoap.com

And so enjoy this site.  Feel free to post and always remember:

Cheers to the Future by remembering the Past!